Golf Games History

The Golf Games History

The Golf games created from a game used to be played on the eastern coast of Scotland, close to the royal capital of Edinburgh. Players usually hits a pebble over sand and around tracks using a bent stick or club.

On 1502 the game gained the royal seal of approval when King James IV of Scotland (1473 -1513) became the world’s first golfing monarch.

The game quickly spread throughout 16th century to Europe. King Charles I brought the game to England and Mary Queen of Scots brought the game to France when she was studying there.

The first international golf match was in 1682, when the Duke of York and George Patterson representing Scotland, beat two English noblemen.

The first 18 hole course established in 1764, establishing the standard for the game. During this time golf players were using a hand wooden clubs made from beech, and balls made from compressed feathers wrapped in a stitched horse hide.

The first golf club established outside Scotland was the Royal Blackheath in 1766.

The first golf club established outside Britain was the Bangalore, India (1820). Then the Royal Curragh, Ireland (1856), the Adelaide (1870), Royal Montreal (1873), Cape Town (1885), St Andrew’s New York (1888) and Royal Hong Kong (1889).

The United States Golf Association (USGA) established in 1894 to regulate the Golf games in USA, by the year 1900 more than 1000 golf clubs established throughout the USA. Later on USA quickly consider itself as the centre of the professional game.

Nowadays, the golf courses reflect the history of that game, the beautiful US courses presented unlike those in Britain, which are typically rough, Some of the most famous golf courses in the world are still to be found in Scotland.

In Canada, The Victoria Golf Club, founded in 1893, the oldest 18-hole golf course in Canada, and second oldest in North America.



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