How Long Does a Soccer Game Last?

how long does a soccer game last? soccer is the most popular and widespread sport in the world, played by two teams, each team consists of eleven players, and plays in a rectangular stadium there is a goal on each side, and the winner is the one who scores more goals in the goal of the opponent, where the players pass the ball among themselves with their legs, the poor goalkeeper can hold it with his hand long know what is in the penalty area.

The rules of the game


The official soccer stadium is 100-110 meters long, 64-75 meters wide, the stadium is divided into two equal sections in cross-line, the center circle is drawn with a radius of 9.15 meters, and is at the center of the pitch, and forms the center of the game. That is, where the players start playing, and the goal is 7.32 meters wide, 2.44 meters high, and has the penalty area, the area where the goalkeeper is allowed to hold the ball with his hand, and is also used to carry out penalty kicks and penalty kicks.

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Duration of the match

The duration of the soccer match is 90 minutes, divided into two halves, and each half lasts forty-five minutes, and there is a quarter-hour break between the two halves, and there is a so-called overtime or overtime, determined by the referee of the game, and be instead of the time when the play stopped for any reasons such as injury to a player, or the replacement of players, sometimes overtime due to the draw, or other reasons.

how long does a soccer game last?
how long does a soccer game last?

How to determine the winner

The winner of soccer is the one who achieves more goals in the goal of the opponent at the time of the game, but sometimes the draw occurs, forcing the referee to put two more runs, the time of each half is a quarter of an hour, and the goals achieved in these two halves count for the team during the tournament, and if the draw continues, the referee resorts to penalty kicks, but they do not count with the goals, are only to determine the winner and the qualifier for the next round.

But if the draw occurs in the first and second matches, which is for the team to go to the opponent’s land and play there, and then the opponent comes to play in the team’s ground, the total goals are calculated in the two games to determine the winner, and if the draw occurs, the referee resorts to the so-called law of goals outside the rules, which is to look at the record of the two teams, to determine which of them achieved more goals in the goal of opponents, to be the winner, but if the two teams equalize with this as well, the referee resorts to additional runs, and then penalty kicks if The tie continued.

Men’s and women’s soccer, in several age groups, and the most prominent competitions in soccer, is the World Cup in which all countries compete for the cup, is held every four years, and soccer also enters the Olympic games.

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