how long is a soccer game?

how long is a soccer game? The most popular and widespread sport in the world. Fans also go to the stadiums to encourage their favourite teams, while millions of people watch them on TELEVISION. soccer combines individual skill with community spirit to bring the team to perfect performance. The game is how accurate, and what are the rules of soccer we will address it in detail during our article.

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soccer information

soccer is the most famous and popular sport in the world. It originated in the 19th century. Where two teams play, each team consists of 11 players. Its rules are simply characterized by a rectangular stadium, which has a goal on each side. The winning team also determines who achieves more goals than the opponent’s goal. The game is managed by one major referee and two of his assistants, whose task is to adjust the game and make refereeing decisions related to irregularities.

how long is a soccer game?

The duration of the soccer match is 90 minutes, playing over two halves each 45 minutes. Time can be increased by the amount of stoppage, as determined by the referee. The match ends when the referee releases the final whistle, where the team that scored more goals during the game wins or may end in a draw between the two competing teams, but in some cases the result of the draw is unacceptable, so additional runs or penalty shootouts are used to determine the winner. In additional runs, the duration must be equal, so that the duration does not exceed a quarter of an hour per run.

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Modern laws in soccer

There have been some changes in soccer laws, with the changes as follows:

  1. Drop the ball: This includes replaying again, if the play is stopped inside the penalty area, the process of dropping the ball is only for the goalkeeper, but if the play stops outside the box, the drop will be for the last player to touch the ball before stopping the play.
  2. Free kicks: The laws relating to free kicks have been amended, stipulating that the strikers of the free-kick team are not allowed to be within one metre of the three-man defensive line wall.
  3. Goal celebration: The penalty remains valid for the player during his celebration of scoring a goal, even if the goal is cancelled after being verified as incorrect.
  4. Goal kick: The player can receive the ball from his team’s goalkeeper if he is in the penalty area.
  5. Hand touch: Any hand touch is wrong even if it is unintentional.
    Draw: The winning team has the right to choose the starting kick or to determine the destination of the goal.
how long is a soccer game?
how long is a soccer game?

how long is a soccer game halftime

Overtime in soccer

The referee can extend the runs to an additional time called ‘overtime’, not exceeding five minutes, and its duration is determined according to several reasons:

  • Players are injured and need treatment.
  • Make switches to both teams.
  • Players deliberately waste time.
  • Make an assessment of the injured players and move them from the pitch.
  • Disciplinary penalties for players.
  • Medical stops are allowed according to the rules of the game such as rest for drinking water for only a minute, and cooling breaks ranging from ninety seconds to three minutes.
  • Delays caused by the use of video arbitration.
  • Delay as a result of celebrating goals.

The golden goal rule in soccer

It is a rule that is used to determine the winner of the match after the draw for the two teams by the end of the basic time. This rule is based on playing an additional 30 minutes over two rounds, each lasting 15 minutes, if one of the teams scores a goal that ends the game and is the winning team. This route is used to reduce the number of matches that end in penalty shootouts. The Golden Goal rule was officially used at the 1996 European Cup of Nations but was completed in 2004.

Silver Goal soccer Base

One of the previous rules is the rule of determining the winner of the game based on the advanced team in the first half. He finished dealing with this way in 2005.
In conclusion, we will have reported all the information about the game how many minutes … How long is the soccer match, where we talked about the duration of the soccer match, as we mentioned the modern laws of soccer, as well as other details related to soccer.

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how long is a youth soccer game

  • U6 players have 20-minute soccer games. 
  • U8 players have 40-minute soccer games. 
  • U10 players have 50-minute soccer games.
  • U12 players have 60-minute soccer games. 
  • U14 players have 70-minute soccer games.
  • U16 players have 80-minute soccer games. 
  • U19 players have 90-minute soccer games.

how long is a soccer game for 13 year olds

Under-13Two 35′ halvesTwo 10′ halves

how long is a world cup soccer game

how long is a soccer game on tv

A soccer game, World Cup or otherwise, lasts 90 minutes not counting stoppage time the clock is still going. World cup matches have two 45-minute halves.

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