How to play bowling

Bowling is an entertaining game to spend time with friends, as it is a very competitive sport as well. Whether you want to learn how to play bowling as an amateur or want to develop your skills to compete at a professional level, you’ve come to the right place.

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Learn the basics of bowling

Understand the bowling alley.

Before bowling you must understand the function of the track. The bowling track is 18.3 metres long, from the fol line (the player’s closest line) to the woodwork closest to it. There are two hollow channels on both sides of the track. If the ball veers off the track, it goes down that hollow channel and you’re out of play.
The foot area is 4.6 meters long and ends at the Val line. The player cannot cross the vall line during his action or his throw will not be counted.
If the ball comes down with either side hollow channel and then bounces out and hits the woodwork, the shot is not counted.

Understand the wooden pieces of bowling.

10 wooden pieces are arranged at the end of the track with the beginning of each role. They are arranged in the form of a triangle to be the head of the triangle facing the player. There is one piece in the first row called the vertical piece, then two pieces in the second row, three in the third and four in the fourth. [1] The wood-cutting places are given numbers of 1-10, the back row pieces have numbers of 7-10 while the pieces in the row before the back numbered from 4-6, then the second row numbered from 2-3, and finally the vertical piece has no. 1.
Each piece of wood gives one point to the player if hit by the ball, the cut figures are given on the basis of their place and not their value.

Learn the language and terminology of bowling.

Before you call yourself a real bowler, you should be familiar with some of the terminology of the game. It’s easy to know about these terms.
Strike launches if you drop all the wood pieces from the first attempt.
‘Speer’ is said if you drop all the wood pieces from the second attempt.
Split is said to be if you drop the vertical piece (closest to you) on your first attempt, but you get away with two or more non-contiguous pieces. It’s hard to score in that case, especially if Split makes it 7-10, the hardest Spilt can achieve.
Turki launches if you score three strikes in a row.
If any wooden pieces remain after the player’s role is over, he is called an ‘open role’.

Understand how the bowling game works.

One bowling match consists of 10 roles, and the player’s task is to inflict as many pieces of wood as possible in each role, i.e. all the pieces in the best conditions.
The player can throw the ball twice in each role, provided strike does not score.

Learn to calculate the result.

If the player’s role ends open (as mentioned above), he simply gets a number of points equal to the number of pieces he has dropped. If a player scores six after two rounds, he simply gets 6 points, yet if Spurs or Strike score, the rules are a little complicated.
If a Spurs player scores, he must put a slanted police in the scoresheet. After the passage of his next round the player gets 10 points in addition to the number of pieces he signed in this role, so if the player dropped 3 pieces in the first round gets 13 points before his second round, and if he signed two pieces in his second round gets a total of 15 points in that round.
If strike player scored, X must be written in the score sheet. The player earns 10 points from the Straik, in addition to the number of pieces he signs in the next two games in the next round.
The maximum score a player can score in a single game is 300 points, representing 12 ‘strikes’ in a row, or 120 pieces that have been set up in 12 rounds. The most notable example is that in one game he has scored 12 strikes, not 10, because if Strike wins in the last round, he has the right to take two more rounds. If Strike also scored in these two rounds, he gets 300 points.
If The Spurs score in the final round, they can play an extra role.

Get ready to play bowling

Find bowling alley.

Browse the internet and look for a local bowling alley to suit your needs. Try finding a place that gives bowling lessons or patrols for beginners.
If you want to bowling with friends, find a place that offers a pleasant and entertaining environment and serves some food and snacks as well.

Go to your chosen bowling alley.

Talk to the players or staff at the venue to see if you can sign up for a game. Alternatively, you can go to the hall with your friends. If you ask strangers to participate in the game, make sure you are not too competitive. It’s great that you can make new friends in the room.

Get bowling shoes.

If you are a beginner you can rent shoes from the hall. If you want to upgrade your game, you can buy your own shoes. Street shoes don’t fit for bowling, because they either make your foot stick to the ground instead of automatically slipping or make you slide hard and hurt yourself.
If you don’t wear bowling shoes, you may damage or leave marks on the floor of the hall, so hire a pair of shoes to keep yourself in trouble before you even start playing.
Don’t forget to wear socks or bring them with you to the hall. Some halls sell socks, but they are expensive.

Choose the right ball.

Before you start playing, you must find a ball that weighs right for you and size is suitable for your fingers. Balls are classified by weight, so the ball with (iv) on them weighs 4 kg. Here’s how to find the right weight and size ball:
Weight: The 6 to 7 kg ball is suitable for most adults with large hands, while a 4.5 to 6 kg ball is suitable for most adults with small hands. It’s generally better to choose a slightly heavier ball to help you gain momentum. As a rule, the ball should weigh 10% of your body weight, so if you weigh 70 kg, you should play with a 7 kg ball.
Thumb hole size: Your thumb should enter well into the single thumb hole, so you can get it out of the hole without getting stuck inside it, but the thumb hole doesn’t have to be too big to squeeze your thumb into it to catch the ball.
Middle finger holes: Once you enter your thumb, you should put your middle finger and pinky with the other two holes. If the size is correct, you should be able to easily and comfortably place your fingers over the two holes so that the middle joint aligns the side of the hole closest to your thumb. Bend your fingers into the holes to get tightly into them just like a thumb.

Find the bowling alley.

Once you’re in the hall and wearing your shoes, you’ll be taken to a track. If you can choose your track, choose one away from the noise and bustle, but it’s up to you in the end, you might play better if you’re surrounded by other players.

How to play bowling
How to play bowling

Start bowling

Hold the ball correctly.

First pick up the ball and go to the right place in front of the bowling field. Place your middle fingers and pinky with the upper holes and thumb with the lower hole.
Hold the ball on your side a little bit so that your hand is over the ball and the other hand is supporting the ball from the bottom for more support.
Keep your thumb on top of the ball at 10 o’clock if you’re right. Put it in at 2 o’clock if you’re left-handed.

Progress to the vall line.

The usual progress of the line consists of standing with a broken back, shoulders facing your target and slightly bent knees. The ball-holding arm should be hanging down from your side and your back a little forward.
Your feet should be a little far apart and your foot sliding in front of its counterpart a little bit. A sliding foot is that foot opposite the hand of the ball (the right player slips with his left foot).

Shoot the ball.

On the bowling track you’ll find a set of points about 2 metres away and black arrows at 4.5 metres. If you are a beginner you should aim to throw the ball in the middle of those marks. Once you have the skill of bowling, you can aim to the right or left of those marks.
You may not be able to hit the woodwork even if you aim the ball in the middle of the mark, because the ball may slow down or veer towards the side channels. Just notice where the ball is heading when you throw it and adjust your shot accordingly.
Focus on shooting at marks, not wood pieces.

Free the ball.

Keep moving straight and uncool or tilted with your body, the position of the ball and hand must remain relatively the same, i.e. under and behind the ball during the most likely. Swing your arm smoothly back and then forward to free the ball. Free the ball after your arm moves forward as far as it can.
When the ball is properly released, your thumb must come out first, followed by the rest of the fingers. This helps put a rotation of the ball, helping to move it on the track.
Keep an eye on the target you aim at when the ball is released. If you look down on your feet or on the ball you will lose balance and you will not be able to shoot properly.

Wipe your hands after your turn is over.

Make sure your hands are completely dry before you pick up the ball and start playing every time. Use a cloth to wipe your hands or at least wipe your hands with your pants if the cloth is not available. If your hands are still sweating, the ball may slip out of your hands.
You can also use the resin powder available in most professional bowling stores to make your thumb and fingers a little sticky and unsalt.

Calculate the result throughout the game.

Most bowling alleys have a computer near the seating area that allows you to know the result. If the room does not have a computer to calculate the result, you will be given a paper to record the results, and no matter how you take it, the process is the same. Here’s how to calculate the result:
The area is in the top left corner of each round where the first ball is scored, and the box on its left to score the second ball if Strike scored. The stryk is taught with ‘X’ while the Speer is taught with ‘/’.

It’s near the Val line.

The distance between you and the throwing line should be about 15 cm if you want to edit the ball perfectly. This means that the ball will rise in the air a small distance above the wall line before it touches the track, so the ball reaches a greater distance on the track and retains its card when hit by the wooden pieces. Finishing too far from the val line means you’ll have to move closer than when you start your stand.
Remember that strike means you’ll get 10 points plus two next throws, while Speer means you’ll get 10 points plus just one next shot. If Strike scored in the first ball of the 10th round, you’ll get two more shots to determine your final score. The highest result you can get is 300.

Improve your bowling level

Watch bowling on TV.

Notice the professionals well and see the technique they use. You can also see videos of experienced bowling players online.
Try imitating bowling players’ stops in your home. Just remember that you follow the experts and that your bowling tech is much simpler than them.

Ask for advice.

If you really want to improve your level, ask for help from the most advanced players and coaches. It will always benefit you that someone follows you closely and you will get new insight into the game.

Join the bowling league.

This is a great way to train regularly and to have new friends.

Bowling Etiquette

Bowling like other games is supposed to be fun! While browsing the following rules and etiquette for the game, keep in mind that it has proven to help the games run smoothly.

  1. Read carefully and follow all the rules on hold in the hall.
  2. When you’re standing on the track, stick to bowling shoes.
  3. Do not start playing until the wood cutting machine has finished its cycle.
  4. Allow a player who plays with the track that is in the opposite track to throw first if you both do so at the same time, otherwise whoever arrives first throws first.
  5. Never cross the fol line even in spontaneous matches. Bowling is a sport you must play fairly.
  6. The ball must be played on the track, so avoid throwing it over it so as not to damage it.
  7. Don’t play your game on another track, you have enough space to play on your track.
  8. Ask permission first when using another ball.
  9. Avoid jamming other players when you play. Beware of your words and avoid insults as much as possible.
  10. Get ready when it’s your turn to play.
  11. Try to make the score accurate. Almost all halls now have an automatic system for their account.

Useful ideas

  1. Keep an eye on your goal when you’re about to throw the ball.
  2. Completing the shot to the end is crucial; for example, if you finish the odds with your hand tilted, as if you were about to shake someone’s hand, the ball would move in a curved path rather than straight.
  3. Bend your knees when you throw the ball, it will help you throw the ball straight or bend a little bit.
  4. In ideal circumstances, you should throw the ball into the gap space between 1-3 (i.e. the space between the 1st and 3rd pieces of wood) if you are right to get the best angle to score Strike, while throwing straight is more suitable for Scoring Speer.
  5. Working bowling holes with an expert specialist helps you ensure that they are held without stress, as well as to be able to edit them thoroughly, which is essential for consistently getting good results.
  6. Pace is a very important part of bowling. When you start your turn, place the ball at your waist in both hands and put your left foot at the fair mark. If you are right take a step out with your right foot and move the ball out too, then in the next step you will start to return the ball back, and in the next step the ball is behind you taking a swinging movement, then the fourth and final step must come from your left leg 8-20 cm from the wall line where you swing the ball out in front of you the way you aim at the wood pieces.
  7. To make the ball turn left, hope your hand is slightly left, while tilting it to the right if you want to make it right.


  • Complete the course of the odds after releasing the ball to help prevent injuries.
  • Hold the ball well so it doesn’t rain out of your hand.
  • Don’t swing your shoulder too hard or he’ll get hurt.
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