Barcelona faces harsh conditions for Dembele before signing his new contract

On a daily basis, French Barcelona winger Osman Dembele raises controversy over his future with the Catalan team, especially since his contract with the Catalan team expires on June 30.

In the past few days, Osman Dembele made controversial statements, expressing his happiness to continue with Barcelona, ​​​​and also stressing that he will not move to Chelsea.

Ousmane Dembele refuses to renew his contract with Barcelona, ​​despite the many offers made by the Catalan club, except on terms that exceed the financial capabilities of the Blaugrana.

Osman Dembele currently owns many great offers, most notably from French Paris Saint-Germain and English Chelsea, who was close to agreeing with the French wing.

In early May, Moussa Sissoko, Othman Dembele’s agent, held a meeting with the Barcelona administration in Morocco, to respond to the offer made to him to renew, whether by rejection or acceptance and ended with the decision to leave.

Barcelona faces harsh conditions for Dembele before signing his new contract

According to the Spanish newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, Dembele would welcome him to continue with Barcelona in the coming seasons, but there is only one obstacle.

The Frenchman told Barcelona coach Xavi personally that he would like to continue with the team, but he does not want to violate the requests of his agent Sissoko.

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On the club’s side, the management told him that he had to give up some financial demands, to find the appropriate solution, especially in the midst of an economic crisis afflicting the club.

Dembele is awaiting the management’s response after the players’ leave after the end of the football season.

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