Bayern Munich heads to fine Lewandowski

Bayern Munich heads to fine Lewandowski

Poland international Robert Lewandowski ​Bayern Munich forward continues to create controversy over his future next season.

The Polish contract with Bayern expires in the summer of 2023, but he plans not to attend the preparation period with the Bavarian according to several sources.

Leiva wants to leave Bayern and move to Barcelona.

“If Lewandowski does not attend the preparation period, Bayern may fine him between 1.8 and 3.6 million euros,” Andrei Dallinger, a lawyer specializing in sports penalties, told the Spanish newspaper Sport.

“There’s another option for Bayern to leave in the stands, but that doesn’t seem like a possible decision.”

He concluded: “Bayern wants to have the best team possible, so the club will be crazy if they stop a player of this quality despite his actions.”

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