Bickering between Ronaldo and Erik Ten Hague?

Bickering between Ronaldo and Erik Ten Hague?; Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo was seen in a tense conversation with manager Eric ten Hague in his first game back at the club after speaking of his desire to leave.

Ronaldo was replaced at half-time in the friendly against Rayo Valicano’s side and his substitute Amad Diallo was able to find the opponent’s net. Video footage has emerged of Ronaldo putting his head in his hands after hearing some tips from Tin Hague.

The Dutch coach was in a heated discussion with Ronaldo when the Portuguese superstar extended his arms in confusion. Ronaldo walked away from his new boss and put his head in his hands. At the same time, some considered that what Ronaldo did was only put water on his head and that there was no tension or resentment over Ten Hague’s insults.

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