British police call Ronaldo for Slapping a fan’s phone

British police call Ronaldo for Slapping a fan’s phone; British police on Wednesday called out Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, England’s Manchester United striker, on the back of his smash at an Everton fan’s phone after a game last season.

The police heard from the 37-year-old Portuguese accused of assault and “criminal damage” due to the 9 April incident following the defeat of the “Red Devils” in Everton.

Ronaldo appeared in a video that went viral on social media and was “called by the police” in Merseyside County, according to authorities who confirmed that “the case is now closed.”

Ronaldo had publicly apologized for what he had done following the game and offered the aggrieved fan to attend a match at Old Trafford, Manchester United Stadium, as a “clean toy and sporting spirit.”


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