Moroccan Sufian Al-Bakkali Crowns 300m gold Steeplechase

Moroccan Sufian Al-Bakkali Crowns 300m gold Steeplechase

Moroccan champion Sufian Al-Bakkali succeeded in being crowned with 3000m barriers at the World Athletics Championships.
The grocer managed to take the lead in the final meters to present his country with precious gold amid strong competition from Ethiopia’s Guerra II and Kenya’s Kipruto III.

Groceries cut the race within 8.25.13 minutes in front of Germa 8.26.01 and Kipruto 8.27.92.

Al-Bakali confirmed his achievement last summer when he won the Olympic title for the 3 Thousand M Contraindication Race and became the first non-Kenyan runner to win the title in 1980.

The grocer achieved his ambition for gold after receiving silver in 2017 in London and only bronze in Doha in 2019.

The grocer ran the race smartly and left the initiative to a constellation of six runners and waited for the last 200 m to go too fast to surpass the runner-up of the last edition.

It is Morocco’s first gold since the crowning of a strange horse at the 2005 edition marathon in Helsinki and the eleventh in the history of its global participation.

It is also the third gold for Arabs in a race 3 thousands of meters after Qatari Seif Said Shaheen was crowned in Paris, 2003, Helsinki, and 2005.

“My coronation today goes back to a strong and sustained work years ago, after I was crowned at the Olympics, I was determined to come to Eugene for the world title and I succeeded.”

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