Osaka withdrawal and Radocano exit

Osaka withdrawal and Radocano exit; Toronto tournament: Osaka withdrawal and Radocano exit. Japan’s Naomi Osaka withdrew from her first-round match in Toronto’s 1,000-point Tennis tournament due to back pain.

Japan’s Naomi Osaka, crowned four significant trophies, withdrew from her first round match of Toronto’s 1,000-point tennis tournament due to back pain, while Britain’s Emma Raducano said goodbye to the same role, in a setback for two players that culminated in the US Open at the end of this month, on a day of praise for Serena Williams, who announced the start of the ”

Osaka was 7-6 late (7-4) and 3-0 to Estonia’s Kaia Kanepi when she decided to withdraw tearfully due to back pain.

“I felt pain in my back from the beginning of the game, and even though I tried to keep going and prejudice, I wasn’t able today… I want to tribute to Kaya because she played so well,” she said after the loss.

Raducano, last year’s reigning champion of Flashing Meadows, was knocked out in the first round by falling to Italy’s Camilla Georgie 7-6 (7-0), 6-2.

“It was a perfect match, to be honest. The level was very high, especially in the first group… Camilla is a great competition, she won this course last year. Perhaps I should deal better with women players who play as fast as her “.

Raducano praised Williams, who announced Tuesday that she would retire from the game after the U.S. Open “inevitably changed the tennis. no one like her has dominated women’s tennis “.

Osaka withdrawal and Radocano exit
Osaka withdrawal and Radocano exit

“Her career is impressive. She’s achieved so much, and to see her compete in the United States Open is inspiring. She keeps playing because she loves this sport. This continuity in the march is something many women players, including myself, aspire to achieve. ”

For her part, American Coco Gauff confirmed after qualifying for the second round at the expense of her compatriot Madison Burngel 6-1, 6-3, that she hopes to meet her ideal before retiring.

She said, “Growing up watching her; she’s the reason I’m doing Tennis … I’m a little sad that I always wanted to play against her. So I hope the draw will sign me with her in Cincinnati, the United States, or even here. This is one of my goals “.

“The legacy she left during her tennis career is something I don’t think any other player can touch. It’s something that can inspire many generations, “she said, adding,” I knew this day would eventually come. I didn’t know if he would be at this or next US Open. It’s not shocking news, but it’s almost incredible… She has been playing ever since, all my life “.

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