Paris Saint-Germain offers Neymar to Barcelona

Paris Saint-Germain offers Neymar to Barcelona, In the past few days, Paris Saint-Germain officials spoke with the Barcelona administration, regarding the existence of an opportunity to sign the Brazilian Neymar Jr. da Silva, who is available in the Paris team’s transfer list during the current summer Mercato.

Last season, Neymar renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, until the summer of 2025, where he receives an annual salary that exceeds the 35 million euro barrier annually.

Last season, Neymar was booed by the fans of Paris Saint-Germain, during the last season, due to the sharp decline in his technical level, and the frequent injury he sustained.

The Paris Saint-Germain administration is preparing, starting from next season, for a comprehensive revolution in all the club’s facilities, in order to remedy the successive errors, which have caused the failure to achieve the dream of winning the Champions League over the past five years.

Paris Saint-Germain is looking for an honourable exit for Neymar to reduce the financial damage, in light of his presence for 5 consecutive seasons, as getting rid of Neymar’s large salary will give Paris more freedom in summer contracts.

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Details of Neymar’s offer to Barcelona:

The famous Spanish TV program ‘El Chiringuito’ revealed that Benny Zahavi, the agent of Polish star Robert Lewandowski, offered the Barcelona administration the idea of ​​contracting the Brazilian Neymar.

He explained that Zahavi, who has distinguished relations with the Paris Saint-Germain administration, offered Neymar to Barcelona in a deal worth 50 million euros.

The famous program indicated that Zahavi had set up another option for Barcelona management if the contract deal with Robert Lewandowski failed, in light of Bayern Munich’s continued refusal to sell the Polish striker.

Zahavi confirmed to Barcelona management, that the amount of 50 million euros is negotiable, as Neymar strongly agreed to return to the Catalan club, being the team that tried to leave Paris Saint-Germain for him in the summer of 2019.

Barcelona’s administration responded to Lewandowski’s agent’s offer, that Neymar is not one of the club’s plans at the present time, as the Catalan club’s top priority is to sign the Polish star, not the Brazilian.

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