Portuguese coach Fernando Santos terminated his contract

Portuguese coach Fernando Santos terminated his contract; On Thursday, the Portuguese Football Federation announced the end of the contractual relationship with coach Fernando Santos following the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo’s comrades from the FIFA World Cup quarter-finals Qatar 2022 against the Moroccan team.

“The Portuguese Football Federation and Fernando Santos have agreed to end the successful journey that began in September 2014.”

“In addition to the titles, Fernando Santos has become the coach who has overseen the most games and won the most.”

Santos, 68, said last Saturday after the loss to Morocco that he was not considering resigning. Still, local reports several days ago said Portuguese federation officials wanted to shorten his mandate, which was supposed to last until the 2024 European Cup.

“The Board of Directors will begin procedures for selecting the next national team coach.”

According to the Record daily, Jose Mourinho looks like the federation’s first choice and will be ready to temporarily take over to finish his season with Italy’s Rome.

Mourinho did not comment on a question from reporters late Thursday afternoon when he arrived in southern Portugal at the training camp with Rome.

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