Real Madrid Crowned European Super Cup

Real Madrid Crowned European Super Cup; Real Madrid was crowned European Super Cup after overtaking Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt (2-0) on the pitch of the Olympic Stadium in the Finnish capital of Helsinki on Wednesday.

The royal team scored its Austrian defender David Alaba 37, with French top scorer Karim Benzema 65.

Benzema became the second historic scorer at the Royal Club by reaching the goal (324), surpassing legend Raúl González (323), with Portuguese Don Cristiano Ronaldo as the royal’s historic 450-goal scorer.

Madrid contested the Super Cup for the eighth time in its history, securing its fifth title after (2002, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2022).

Ancelotti became the most senior coach for the Super Title, winning with Italian Milan in 2003 and 2007 and Real Madrid in 2014.

Real Madrid has also become the most winning team (5 times) in partnership with local rivals Barcelona (1992, 1997, 2009, 2011, and 2015) and Milan (1989, 1990, 1994, 2003, and 2007).

Real Madrid begins their season in the best way with the Continental Cup, relying on the steady factor in their endeavor to retain their domestic and Champions League titles.

Same Champions League Final Squad

Ancelotti began the meeting with the same squad as the Champions League final, preferring to keep German newcomers Antonio Rudiger and France’s Aurelian Chuamini on the bench.

As in the Paris final, the Italian coach relied on German trio Tony Cross, Brazilian Casimiro and Croatian Luka Modric in the center, Brazilian Vinicius Junior and Uruguayan Federico Valverde and Benzema in the attack.
From his counterpart Oliver Glassner, Serbian midfielder Philippe Kostic was the most prominent absentee from the Europa League-winning team. He did not travel to Helsinki in preparation for his move to Italian Juventus. At the same time, newcomer Mario Gutse, from the Dutch side Eindhoven, sat on the bench until the beginning of the second half.

After Real’s field control, the German team almost surprised the Royal Club with a quick counter-attack, but for Belgian goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois’ brilliance in blocking Japanese shot Daishi Kamada (14). Ancelotti’s side then responded with a more dangerous attempt at Vinicius Junior, who looked on course to score, but central defender Tuta timely intervened.
Eintracht Frankfurt showed that he would not have a sweeping summit in front of the Spanish giants and again threatened his own goal with a shot from a difficult angle to Ansgar Knauf. Courtois shone in her save (25).

But after a lovely shot by Vinicius Junior turned into a corner by goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, Real opened the scoring from a set ball after it reached Benzema’s head and later into Casemiro’s head, which was converted to find Alaba, saying goodbye to the net (37).

The result remained unchanged until halftime. Real II began with a dangerous chance for Vinicius Junior to shine dirt in her blocking (55) before Casemiro’s luck, whose rocket shot hit the crossbar (61).

The Royal Club’s attempt for a second goal in the 65th minute resulted in their hero Benzema, who was connected by a pass from the left through Vinicius Junior, firing it from the outskirts of the area to the right dirt, which he touched without being able to block.

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