Regragui we trust our abilities and we want to write history

Regragui we trust our abilities and we want to write history; The events of Morocco’s head coach Walid Regragui’s press conference before facing France in the FIFA World Cup semi-final Qatar 2022.

Walid Regragui, coach of the Lions of the Moroccan Atlas, confirmed that he and his players have full confidence in their abilities and want to write history and make a surprise, even though all the nominations fall into the congregation of France.

Regragui denied the Moroccan players’ fatigue, stressing that everyone was excited to contest the semi-finals, adding that “our chances of qualifying are great.”

“We will face the best team in the world, and it is an opportunity to highlight our abilities, with the usual resolve of the group we can achieve more success.”

“We want to continue the challenge and get to the final.”

Walid Regragui spoke about the step and manner in which Morocco’s players will face French roosters, saying: “We must play collectively to stop the competitor. We must take our caution from all the players of the French team, not just Mbappe, to support the Moroccan and Arab fans among the most important factors of our success.”

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