Spain Abandons The Idea of hosting 2030 Winter Olympics

Spain has reversed the idea of hosting the 2030 Winter Olympics, not reaching agreement between Catalonia and Aragon, local Olympic Committee President Alejandro Blanco has announced.
The plan envisaged 42 competitions in Catalonia, including Albanian skiing in the Catalan Pyrenees and ice hockey in Barcelona, 54 in Aragon, including deep skiing and piathlon as well as artistic snowboarding in Zaragoza.

However, the Aragon authorities found the division unfair and did not ratify the initial plan. Proposals to replace the two regions’ competitions did not lead to common ground. “If there is no joint nomination, the basis of the proposal disappears,” Blanco said Tuesday.

The last Winter Games were held in Beijing, China, last February, and are scheduled for 2026 in Milan and Cortina Dampitsu, Italy.

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