Tiger Woods Rejected a Massive Offer from Saudi Arabia

Tiger Woods rejected a massive offer from Saudi Arabia; American golf star Tiger Woods rejected an offer of $700 million to $800 million to participate in the Saudi-funded LIV Golf League, according to former Australian world champion Greg Norman, the chief executive of this project.

Woods has long opposed this league, which threatens to divide golf, accusing players who took money from the Saudi Public Investment Fund of turning their backs on the World Golf Professionals Association’s PGA tournaments, which made them famous.

The Saudis signed contracts with the most famous golfers to participate in their new tournament funded by them after luring them with money.

Several human rights organizations have long criticized the League as a way for the Kingdom to burnish Saudi Arabia’s international image in a maneuver known as “Sports Laundering.”

The Kingdom has denied this, insisting that this and other sports tournaments it hosts and supports come within the “Vision 2030” framework to end the adoption of its oil economy and diversify its sources of income.

The third round of the Saudi-backed league is currently held at the Bedminster Club in New Jersey, owned by former US President Donald Trump. The families of 9/11 victims violently attacked him for hosting a Saudi-funded golf match at his club.

The new tournament brought together 48 players, spanning 8 tours worldwide. Its awards total more than $250 million.

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