The Canadian Football

The Canadian Football

Canadian football is an American soccer-like sports game, played in Canada. The match takes place between two 12-man teams, playing on a 110-yard pitch. Used in the game is a flat ball that is not fully rounded, similar to the ball used in the size 3 rugby game. Players take the ball forward with their arm and pass it on to the other players in the team. For every 10 yards the team is allowed to skip three times, otherwise the second team gets the ball. The Canadian Professional Football League (CFL) consists of eight teams. The first Canadian football history football stadium documented was a game game game played on November 9, 1861, at the University College, University of Toronto (about 400 meters west of Queens Park). One participant in the game involving the University of Toronto was students (Sidi) William Mulock, later the school’s chancellor. A football club was formed at the university soon thereafter, although its system played at this stage is unclear. [2] In 1864, at Trinity College, Toronto, F.C. Barlow Cumberland and Frederick A Peyton developed on the basis of rugby football rules. However, modern Canadian football is widely regarded as having originated with a game played rugby in Montreal, in 1865, when local British Army officers played civilians. [2] The game gained the following gradually, the football club Montreal formed in 1868, and scored the first non-university football club in Canada. This rugby, football quickly became popular at McGill University in Montreal. McGill challenged Harvard Game, in 1874 [4]. Its Canadian football predecessors include the Canadian University Rugby Federation (CRFU), and the Canadian Rugby Union. The CRFU, the original predecessor to current Canadian football, was established in 1882.

Highlights of the differences between Canadian and American football:

  • The length of the pitch in Canadian football is 110 yards, while in American it is 100 yards.
  • End zones are much larger than American.
  • The team is given three attempts in Canada to skip while the teams in the United States are given four attempts.
  • The target columns are in front of the Canadian end zone, and are behind them in the United States.
  • Number of players in American football 11 players while in Canadian football 12.

Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League (CFL); Ligue canadienne de football, LCF, is a professional sports league in Canada. CFL is the highest level of competition in Canadian football. The league consists of nine teams, each located in a city in Canada. It is divided into two sections: four teams in the Eastern Section and five teams in the Western Section.

As of 2019, the regular season is 21 weeks with each team playing 18 games with three weeks of meetings. This season traditionally runs from mid-June to early November. After the regular season, six teams competed in the league playoffs over three weeks that culminated in the Grey Cup championship game in late November. Gray Cup is one of Canada’s largest annual sports and television events.

The CFL was officially named on 19 January 1958, when the Rugby Football Federation was merged between the provinces or “Big Four” (founded in 1907) and the Western Inter-Provincial Football Association (founded in 1936). Prior to the introduction of intertwined play in 1961, Eastern teams competed against only Western teams in the preseason and Grey Cup Championship (similar to Major League Baseball in the United States before the 1997 season).

The league teams:

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  2. Montreal Alouettes
  3. Ottawa Redblacks
  4. Toronto Argonauts
  5. BC Lions
  6. Calgary Stampeders
  7. Edmonton Elks
  8. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  9. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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