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What is the Commonwealth Games and who is participating?

What is the Commonwealth Games and who is participating?;

Birmingham English hosts the Commonwealth Games in its 22nd edition, from 28 July until 8 August.

The Games opened on Thursday, July 28, at a major ceremony at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham with 72 countries and territories from around the world.

What is the Commonwealth Games?

What is the Commonwealth Games and who is participating?
What is the Commonwealth Games and who is participating?

The Commonwealth Games are multidisciplinary sports competitions organized every 4 years, dedicated to Commonwealth countries, a political union of 54 countries formerly under the rule of the British Empire, as well as some other nations and territories.

The Commonwealth Games were launched in Canada in 1930, then called the British Games and continued until 1950, then changed to the Commonwealth Games and the British Empire between 1954 and 1966, before changing back to the British Commonwealth Games between 1970 and 1974, and from 1978 to date the Commonwealth Games.

The sports participating in the Commonwealth Games are 20 sports, most notably basketball, cricket, squash, athletics, swimming, shooting, wrestling and table tennis.

Who are the countries participating in the Commonwealth Games?

The 22nd edition of the Commonwealth Games in the British city of Birmingham has 72 countries and territories with more than 5,000 athletes competing in 20 sports.

72 countries participating in the 2022 Commonwealth Games

England is a leading participant in the Games, along with some other traditional nations such as Australia, Canada, India, Wales, South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland and others.

Australia is the highest medalist in the history of the Commonwealth Games, with Australians winning 2,415 medals, with 932 gold, 774 silver and 709 bronze medals.

England is second in the table of the most medallist countries in the history of the Games with 2,144 medals, 714 gold, 715 silver and 715 bronze, while Canada is third with 1555 medals, 484 gold, 516 silver and 555 bronze.

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