When did football show up?

When did football show up?… Football is the most popular and widespread sport around the world, and is of great importance to many people regardless of their races, tongues and ages, and is a team sport between two teams that are predominantly competitive, enthusiastic, harmonious, organized, respectful and coordinated efforts, and football is called different football games, the most famous soccer sport among them.

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When did football show up?

Dating back more than 2,500 BC, the ancient Chinese practised it in the form of a sport they called Tsushu, during which they kicked a leather ball filled with hair and feathers through a small opening, then pushed it into a mesh mounted on long bamboo canes, and rewarded the winning team by feasting for it, while the defeated team was whipped.
The Japanese knew it in 600 BC but differently and they called it Karami, where the players organized in the form of a circle, and then passed the ball among themselves into a small space while making sure not to touch the ball to the ground.
The Greeks also known it in 600 BC as the game ‘Esquires’ and played using a small ball and between two teams on a rectangular pitch with specific lines for each team and midfield, and the aim of the game was to get the ball beyond the other team line by throwing the ball between the players of the same team.
It was known by ancient Egyptians in 300 BC, where inscriptions confirming the existence of ball games were found on the walls of temples.
The history of the emergence of football in its current form dates back to 1016, when it appeared in England during their celebration of the evacuation of Danes from their country by rolling the heads of the remains of the Danish bodies, and then preventing their practice by royal decrees.

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