Who invented football? And how and when did this beautiful game arise?

Who invented football?… A very popular game, it’s football, who invented it and what is the historical sequence until it reached the current style? Joel leads you on a journey to find out everything.

No doubt, football is the most popular sport in the world, not evidenced by events that are being followed by hundreds of millions of people, such as the World Cup, to emphasize this fact.

It’s an easily accessible game, played all over the planet, whether on the streets, parks or original stadiums, everyone likes to play and follow.

Given that only one ball is required and some of the players around it will run and the other will stand, all you need is to house the ball in the net, it is not surprising that the sport crosses all the boundaries on the face of the globe.

Ball games have long been a feature of human play, and football, as we know it today, has been a feature of life for communities around the world since the 19th century.

But Who invented football? and when? Where was this beautiful game born? Joel takes a look at the history and origins of the sport.

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Who invented football? , and when?

Football, as we know it today, began in England by setting its rules through the English Football Association in 1863.

The rules of the sport have gradually evolved since then to the point of reaching a video technology recently, but in one way or another, it has retained the same constitution and general objectives.

There were many football games in England before the current format of the game was invented, all of which did not contain a unified set of rules and were somewhat chaotic.

There are a number of different rule codes such as Cambridge and Sheffield Rules, which means there has often been disagreement and confusion between players.

While no one can really claim to be the ‘inventor’ of football, Ebeneser Morley has been referred to as the ‘father’ of the FA.

Morley was the founder of Barnes Football Club, and it was his letter to The Bell Life that prompted the historic meeting that set the new and established rules for football.

The meeting, held on October 26, 1863 in a pub in London, brought together representatives from 12 clubs and soon legalized the game of football.

Currently, football is administered by FIFA, founded in 1904, 41 years after the establishment of the Fa.

The IFAB Is the Guardian of the Rules of the Game and is wanted by the International Federation, as well as the four British federations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Who invented football?
Who invented football?

What are the old forms of football?

While those associated with football in England pride themselves on the fact that they can be said to be the ‘inventors’ of modern football, other forms have been recorded elsewhere and much earlier.

In fact, it is understood that the oldest form of football is the ‘cuju’ that was played in China during the Han dynasty from 206 BC to 220 AD.

The word ‘Cuju’ literally translates into ‘kick the ball’ and the goal of the game is to kick the ball into the net, as the genre like modern ball prohibits the idea of using hands during play.

In ancient Greece too, there was a football-like game called ‘episkyros’.

The name of the game means ‘common ball’ and includes two teams of players (with similar football numbers) with one ball, but here players are allowed to use their hands.

The term ‘Episkyros’ was often violent in nature and is believed to be somewhat linked to the subsequent ancient Roman game harpastum, which means ‘carried away.

So we can see that a lot of different football games have appeared all over the world and changed over time.

Fortunately for today’s fans, the INTERNATIONAL Federation and the FA have set consistent standards for football that everyone around the world can enjoy, and the rest is just history.

First World Cup in football

The first World Cup football tournament was held in 1930, in Montevideo, Uruguay, and saw the participation of many countries, for example, Belgium, France and Romania from the continent of Europe. In 1934, the second World Cup was held in Italy, followed by the third tournament in 1938, hosted by the State of France. Held in Brazil in 1950, it was more popular than other tournaments, and with the intervention of technology, satellites and the development of marketing and advertising methods, the popularity of the World Cup expanded and reached more fans of the sport.


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