Who Invented Soccer?

who invented soccer? soccer is one of the most famous competitive games in the world as a whole. Some historians say that the country of origin of soccer is ancient China, where the Chinese Emperor Huang Li set the laws of the game in 2500 BC, and called it Tsu Chu, which means kicking ball. The winner of this game was fed, and the team that lost was punished with flogging.

The birth of soccer

A number of other historians mentioned that the birth of soccer was at the hands of the ancient Egyptians, and its cradle was the city of Tanis in northern Egypt, where they made a stone ball, some of which are still found in the Egypt Museum, and there are many hieroglyphs on the walls of Pharaonic temples, confirming the practice of the pharaohs of the game soccer.

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Who The first to play soccer?

The Japanese, in turn, attributed the birth of the ball to themselves, as they named the game Kimari Asobi, which means soccer, in the year 600 BC. BC, and they called it Papskiros.

As for the Arabs, in turn, they practiced the game of soccer in the past, as many ancient poets described it in their poems, such as the poet Omar bin Kulthum, and from here it is believed that the credit for the birth of the ball goes back to the ancient Arabs.

The history books mention that after Denmark occupied England about a thousand years ago, the British revolted against this occupation, as they destroyed everything related to the Danes on their land, and celebrated their victory and the evacuation of the Danes from their country, and they played with their remnants and kicked them with their feet, and they were throwing everything What is round, it was common in the English countryside, this matter was prevented by a royal order, but it returned through private schools for the sons of princes, where King Edward I encouraged this sport, and participated in many matches, but the atmosphere was not suitable for this sport, especially since every match It was ending in violent quarrels as a result of the increased enthusiasm of the players, so King Edward prevented it, and threatened to imprison those who practice it.

who invented soccer?
who invented soccer?

Establishing the first soccer laws

soccer returned again during the reign of King Edward III, but he, in turn, banned its practice; Because it draws the attention of young people, which makes them refrain from learning equestrian and archery, then soccer returned again after the end of the wars to occupy the forefront of the interest of young people, but King Henry II prevented it, and it returned again by a royal order signed by King James I, down to the desire of Young people and in order to achieve their demand.

but Queen Elizabeth I issued a decision banning young people from playing soccer in her country, but the people did not acquiesce in this matter despite the one-week prison sentence that affected violators of orders, so a professor of law at Cambridge Thong University, put the first laws For soccer, in order to reduce problems, and to practice it in legitimate ways and means, and this matter was in 1862 AD, and from here soccer began to be the most famous game around the world at all, according to the laws that govern it, and the players of the game.

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