Mercato News | A dangerous warning for Barcelona and a final condition for Bayern Munich

The conflict intensified between the top clubs of the European continent, especially Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool and Arsenal, in the summer market 2022, while the English Premier League giants continue to conclude high-caliber deals.

A dangerous warning for Barcelona and a final condition for Bayern Munich

In ‘Sports Fan‘, we will show you, in the following lines, the most prominent international Mercato news, today, Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

1- Bayern Munich’s only condition:

Bayern Munich explicitly asked Barcelona for 50 million euros, in order to allow him to sign Lewandowski, but that the amount would be paid in full and not in several installments.

2- A serious warning to Barcelona:

Deco, Rafinha’s agent, told Barcelona’s administration that he had rejected Chelsea’s offer to sign him, but made it clear that there was a certain time to wait, and the player would not be able to continue like this for much.

3- The date of the official announcement of Pogba:

Juventus informed its new player, Pogba, that he will take part in Juventus training, starting next Saturday, after he signed his transfer contracts to the old lady.

4- Barcelona refuses to sign Cristiano Ronaldo:

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has officially announced his team’s refusal to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, saying: ‘I will not talk about him, it is not in Barcelona’s interest to talk about any other players.’

5. Introducing Frank Casey to the Masses

Barcelona has officially presented Ivorian international midfielder Frank Kessie, coming from AC Milan, in a free transfer deal, starting next season, at the Camp Nou stadium.

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