Durant asks to leave Nets

Durant asks to leave Nets

All that came out from a while until the official signing of the contracts began on Wednesday, he did not formalize it, but it was issued by the players’ agents or by well-informed media reports without clubs being able to confirm deals, including Brooklyn Nets, who received a request from his co-star Kevin Durant for an exchange according to local media.

ESPN, citing unnamed sources, explained that Durant, who was crowned a two-time league title with the Golden State Warriors and the league’s best player in 2014 in Oklahoma City Thunder colors, wished to move to the Phoenix Suns or Miami Heat ranks.

The NETS aims to get the best possible deal from the star, who had a four-year contract extension for 2021 for $198 million.

Durrant decided Saturday to speak for the first time since revealing his desire to leave, but what he wrote on Twitter was vague, saying “People who are in the gym with me know the content of it, know me.”

“If you’re not there with me, ask those around me.”

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