Iranian Wrestler Receives a gold medal ten years after London Olympics

Iranian wrestler receives a gold medal ten years after London Olympics; Iranian wrestler Komeil Ghasemi gets a gold medal ten years after the 2012 London Olympics.

Iranian wrestler Komeil Ghasemi, a 120-kilogram bronze owner during the 2012 London Olympics, received a gold medal for the same competition on Thursday after the first and second-place owners were ruled out for activation, the official Iranian news agency said.

“Komeil Ghasemi officially received his gold medal for the 120-kg free wrestling competition at the 2012 London Summer Olympics and became the most decorated heavyweight wrestler in Iran’s history,” Arna wrote.

“Last year, the IOC sent a letter to the Iranian Olympic Committee informing it of its decision to terminate the investigation on the activation of Uzbekistan’s Artur Tamiyazov and Georgian Davit Mudzmanashvili.”

The International Olympic Committee announced in July 2019 that Komeil Ghasemi had won gold.

“This is a good and beautiful feeling. Every athlete wishes for the Olympic gold medal. ”

Arna added that the President of the Iranian Olympic Committee, Reza Salehi Amiri, received gold during a trip to the Swiss city of Lausanne, the headquarters of the International Olympics, a few months ago.

As a result of this double activation, Gold shares with the Russian Qasimi Billial Makhov, who originally made bronze similar to the Iranian.

The Russian wrestler, in turn, was suspended in September 2021 for four years, retroactively until January 2024, following his use of a prohibited substance.

Komeil Ghasemi (34), born in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran, also holds a silver medal at the 125 kg Rio Olympics.

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