Real Madrid agree to sell their French star: Ferland Mindy

Real Madrid agree to sell their French star: Ferland MindyReal Madrid have opened the door to the departure of French left-back Verland Mendy during the summer transfers, especially after the contract with German international Antonio Rudiger.

Real Madrid drew with Verland Mendy in the summer of 2019, coming from Lyon, France, in a deal worth 50 million euros. Since moving to Real Madrid, Mendy has become one of the main pillars of the team, both under Zinedine Zidane and Carlo Anschelotti.

Verland Mendy is now the only left-back on Real Madrid’s list, especially after the departure of Brazilian Marcelo, but under the contract of Rudiger, Austrian David Alaba could become his main position as ‘left-back’.

Verland Mendy’s replacement at Real Madrid:

The Spanish network ‘Relevo’ revealed that Verland is no longer the untouched player in the Real Madrid squad, as the management is currently showing a great desire to leave, especially after the inclusion of Antonio Rudiger from Chelsea.

In June, Real Madrid officially signed Antonio Rudiger from Chelsea on a free transfer after the end of his contract with the London Blues.

If Mendy leaves Real Madrid, the administration will have three options, the first being to turn to Mercato to sign a replacement back, giving David Alaba a chance to rest in some matches.

She pointed out that real Madrid’s second option is to use Fran Garcia as one of the players of the second team, and the third good is to use Miguel Gutierrez.

Real Madrid agree to Mendy’s departure:

At the same time, The As newspaper confirmed that Real Madrid will not make Mindy on the list of the late necessary, but if important offers arrive, they will be considered, and the possibility of approval.

She stressed that the contract with Antonio Rudiger would make David Alaba become a left-back, which would make the Austrian participate mainly at mendy’s expense.

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