Cavaliers Welcome Mitchell with Great Zeal

Cavaliers Welcome Mitchell with Great Zeal; Cleveland Cavaliers welcomed new player Donovan Mitchell enthusiastically after Saturday officially announced his inclusion from the Utah Jazz in an exchange during which the latter secured three players and three options in the Draft dedicated to assigning college players, even high schools and foreigners to the NBA.

This deal, announced earlier by the trusted ESPN and The Athletic sites, comes two months after a decision from Utah Jazz abandoned by French anchor Rudy Gobert for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

With this deal, Jazz from the Cavaliers will receive the services of Colin Sexton, Laurie Markanen, and Ochai Agbaji, as well as the first option in the Draft this year and other options in the future.

Cavaliers Director of Basketball Operations Kobe Altman commented on Mitchell’s deal, saying, “the acquisition of Donovan Mitchell gave us a great opportunity for the Cavaliers to get one of the most dynamic stars in the NBA.”

Mitchell (25)’s departure from Jazz comes after five years with the team he was assigned in the first draft round in 2017 as option 13.

Mitchell scored an average of 25.9 points per game last season with 5.3 assists.

During his five seasons with Jazz, the team did not miss the Playoff knockout stages but did not go beyond the second round in the western region.

In November 2020, Mitchell signed a five-year contract with Jazz for $163 million.

“Donovan, who has proved to be an exceptional talent even though he is not over 25, brings a competitive mind that is organically commensurate with this group’s core group. We are excited to see the impact someone of Donovan’s calibre can get on the Cavaliers through his ability to score and also on the playmaking of his teammates. ”

Mitchell joins a line-up with Darius Garland and All-Star fixture Garrett Allen and Evan Mobley.

The Cavaliers have not reached the playoffs since LeBron James left for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 after leading the team to the final four straight times, punctuated by a 2016 title win.


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