NBA investigates Harden’s stay deal with Philadelphia

NBA investigates Harden’s stay deal with Philadelphia; The NBA has investigated possible breaches of league rules with the Philadelphia 76ers’ free contract deals with star player James Harden and players PJ Tucker and Danuel House, American newspapers reported Friday.

Harden, 32, who joined the Sixers in February in a massive swap with the Brooklyn Nets, rejected the option of activating his contract extension clause for an additional year for next season for $47.4 million, with the aim of helping the Sixers secure the liquidity needed to strengthen their ranks with new players.

As a result, Philadelphia secured space under the salary cap to fetch Tucker and House, but Harden, the “beard” technician, again signed on with a $14 million salary reduction for next season.

The transaction also includes an extension option for an additional year (2023-2024) for 35.6 million.

ASP stated that “it” had been questioned about a prior agreement between the parties to extend the player’s contract that would violate the rules set out in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

ASEAN questions the start of the extension negotiation process, before the transfer window officially opens on 30 June.

The Inquirer of Philadelphia added that the 76ers were cooperating with the investigation.

Harden, the 2018 league MVP and participant in the All-Star “All Star” game, signed his contract officially Wednesday.

Although the former Oklahoma and Houston star scored an average of 18.6 points per game in the knockout rounds, Philadelphia were invited from the Eastern Region semifinals against the Miami Heat 2-4.

The league has been applying strict penalties for contacting or negotiating illegally with future free or free players since 2019. Teams can be fined or stripped of their droft selections for up-and-coming players for breaking the rules.

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