New Commonwealth Games Records

New Commonwealth Games Records; To the Birmingham Alvin and XXII Commonwealth Games, where English Benjamin Proud set a new game record on his way to a fifty-meter butterfly swimming race gold.

Proud scored twenty-two seconds and eighty-one parts percent of the second. Silver went to Singapore to weigh Y Tong and won New Zealand’s bronze Cameron Gray.

Scotland’s Duncan Scott scored two hundred meter freestyle gold, scoring a minute, forty-five seconds, and two percent of the second.

South Africa’s Peter Coetze scored a gold 100-meter swim on the back, recording fifty-three seconds and seventy-eight percent of the second.

New Zealand’s Louis Claire Burt has set a new Commonwealth Games record for a diverse four hundred meters of swimming, recording four minutes, seventy-eight seconds, and seventy-two parts percent of the second.

The Australian national team has set a new Commonwealth Games 100 meters freestyle record four freestyle times on course for gold with three minutes, eleven seconds, and twelve parts percent of the second.

Australia’s Katya Diddy Kind Gold scored a 50-meter freestyle.

Canada’s Margaret McNeil successfully set a new Commonwealth Games record for a 100-meter butterfly to swim on her way to a gold record of fifty-six seconds and thirty-six parts of a second.

South Africa’s Lara Van Nike achieved a 50-meter chest swim gold with twenty-ninth seconds and seventy-three percent of the second.

Australia has crowned a 100-meter relay gold four times a women’s freestyle after the Australian quadruple scored three minutes, thirty seconds, and sixty-four percent of the second.

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