History of Ice Hockey

History of Ice Hockey

“Ice Hockey” is one of many “stick and ball games” if we look back at the beginning of ancient history. There are some evidence proof that such games may started to be played in ancient Egypt & Greece. History of Ice Hockey, there are and some other evidence proof that “stick and ball games” were played by Indigenous peoples in north America prior to the arrival of European people. Also, there is clear evidences showing that “stick and ball games” played in Europe.

Until this moment it’s not confirmed the time when this game (Ice Hockey) became organizes, but as per the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in 2008 they officially declared that the first game organized and played was in Montreal in 1875. We may also consider the first rules of Ice hockey’s been published by the Montreal Gazette in 1877.

Some researchers reveals that ice hockey games were first organized/played on skates in England and that can be considered the earliest played games historically also, where the rules created and published in England. Eventually, no one can deny how Canada made important contributions to this game starting from the 1870 until now. Obviously , “Canadian rules” had reshaped the ice hockey.

By the 19th century, and the hockey games became popular and increasingly more organized in England. The unstable climate during the winter, relatively wouldn’t permitted the organization of regularly scheduled games of Ice Hockey. But in most winters it was possible, mostly for a few days to play hockey.

Ice Hockey in Canada

Research by hockey historians Showing that ice hockey is not invented by Canadian, however, there are  various Canadian cities and towns were the real origin of the game. No one can deny that, important hockey developments created and populated from Canada, with “Canadian rules” eventually prevailing the international world of ice hockey.

There are lots of evidences shows that the hockey games played in Canada in the 19th century, even before the famous game played in Montreal on 3 March 1875. It has been confirmed that Windsor, Nova Scotia, was the birthplace of ice hockey in Canada. However, these evidence is still uncertain, and it is unclear whether a game resembling ice hockey was played on the “long pond” at the time.

Ice Hockey in Montreal Organization

According to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the first organized ice hockey game played on  March 3, 1875 in Montreal. It was announced by Montreal Gazette on that date:

VICTORIA RINK—A game of Hockey will be played at the Victoria Skating Rink this evening, between two nines chosen from among the members. Good fun may be expected, as some of the players are reputed to be exceedingly expert at the game. Some fears have been expressed on the part of intending spectators that accidents were likely to occur through the ball flying about in too lively a manner, to the imminent danger of lookers on, but we understand that the game will be played with a flat circular piece of wood, thus preventing all danger of its leaving the surface of the ice. Subscribers will be admitted on presentation of their tickets.

That game was played between two teams of nine players each, the final result were 2–1 win for the team  originally from Nova Scotia over the Montreal team.

Canadian Predominance in Ice Hockey

By 1920, Canada become the most powerful country in ice hockey. That year, and during the first ice hockey world championship which was held during the 1920 Olympics in Belgium. It was won by the Winnipeg Falcons, representing Canada, they outscored their opponents in three games by a total combined score of 29–1. Canadian teams dominated Olympic hockey competition for over 30 years, winning six of seven tournaments between 1920 and 1952.



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